Configure Keycloak - Frontend and Backend.

Keycloak Frontend

Please read the guide "Setup Keycloak" before attending this guide. In order to use Keycloak properly with our products you have to configure frontend and backend correctly. This guide requires that you are familiar with docker. Let us begin with frontend:

  1. Go to Keycloak, Realm:accurate-video -> Clients -> qc-web -> Installation. Select "Keycloak OIDC Json" in the dropdown and click "Download".

  2. Make sure that the file you downloaded are mounted in the qc-web-container under /usr/share/nginx/html/assets/json/keycloak.json

  3. Set authentication.disabled = false in settings.js

Keycloak Backend

  1. Create the file with the content: runner=passwordXYZ

  2. Make sure that the file are mounted in the container of the adapter beneath /opt/

  3. For the container of the runner, set the following:


  4. For the container of the adapter, set the following:


This concludes the guide for Configuring Keycloak, frontend and backend.

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