Accurate.Video ECS upgrade guide

This guide covers how to upgrade to a new version of Accurate.Video when running on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS).

This guide is a continuation of the ECS installation guide below and is only valid when running on ECS.

Accurate.Video ECS setup

Check changelog

The first thing is to check the changelog of Accurate.Video to see what changes there are in a new version. Check the link below for the full changelog.

Accurate.Video Release Notes

Accurate.Video versions follow semantic versioning, making it easy to see if there are breaking changes that need to be considered before upgrading. If there are breaking changes, the changelog will link to a migration guide that outlines the required steps to go through before attempting the upgrade.

Database snapshot

It's good practice to always make a manual snapshot of the database prior to the upgrade. Database migrations are applied automatically when you upgrade, and in case something goes wrong or you want to rollback to a previous version, a snapshot is available. Make a snapshot and name it something relevant. Refer to the Amazon RDS snapshot guide below for instructions on how to do this.

Amazon RDS Snapshot Guide

Update stack

The first step is to find the stack in the AWS CloudFormation console.

Cloudformation stack

Click on update at the top to update the stack.

Update stack

Select use current template, and click Next.

Specify stack details

On the next screen, you get the same screen as when you launched the stack. Here you can make any changes to the stack details. Scrolling down reveals the versions for the different components (adapter, frontend, jobs, and keycloak).

Update versions

Update the versions of the components you want to upgrade, then click next and go through the last steps to finish updating the stack.

Once you're finished, wait until CloudFormation updates the stack. Accurate.Video is now updated!

Rolling back

Note that this guide can also be used to roll back to an old version. Make sure you have a database snapshot that can be restored as well.

Accurate.Video ECS setup Virtual tracks in Validate