Released 2022-09-13
  • Support for multiple assets in Edit
  • Editable metadata in Validate
  • Multi-track MP4 audio support in Validate
  • Added a new Phase-tab to the Audio Workspace in Validate
Release notes



  • The concept of Projects has been introduced. It will allow users to work with multiple sources
  • With the addition of the project bin, the tab-panel has now been moved to the top left
  • Browse assets functionality added


  • Outputs are now included in the render call for EDL export
  • Any ongoing timeline changes will now be reset if the user for any reason leaves the active window, e.g. through alt-tabbing or as a result of a popup window
  • Single frame segment does no longer cause a crash
  • Asset loading status in the project bin has been fixed



  • Editing metadata with custom forms is now possible in the metadata tab.
    • New look and UI in the metadata tab with collapsible areas.
    • Thumbnail preview has been removed from metadata tab.
    • See user guide for more details.
  • Support for playing all muxed audio tracks from mp4 files without a pre-processing step to extract them as separate files.
    • Known limitations:
      • Audio scrubbing does not work using this functionality.
      • It is not possible to set metadata on muxed audio tracks as of now.
    • See features.extractMuxedAudio in Validate settings.
  • Added new Phase-tab to the Audio Workspace containing a gonio- and correlation meter.
  • The media tab is now available in the Ad break Workspace.
  • Added setting for enabling/disabling workspaces.
  • Marker table can now display line breaks
  • Added setting disableMuxedAudio
    • When set to true, disables muxed audio when loading validate.
  • Added setting disableFirstTrackAutoEnable
    • When set to true, no discrete audio is automatically enabled if no muxed audio is available or disableMuxedAudio is set to true.
  • Added setting forceShowInMarkerForm
    • If set to true, even if alwaysShow is false and no markers are available on the track, the group/track is still available when creating a marker


  • Add Enter & Esc to the hotkey list
  • Bug where the timecode in the marker creation form did not correspond to the current timecode in the timeline.
  • The settings audioTagBlackList and videoTagBlackList are changed to audioTagBlocklist and videoTagBlocklist. Backwards compatible, old values will be respected.
  • Fixed issue in Audio Workspace where not all VU-meter channels would work if no profile is set.
  • Custom Forms: Added support for parsing integers.



  • Minor padding/margin styling issues has been fixed
  • Timecode offsets are now displayed correctly
  • Frame rate issue for snapshots has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where the Snapshot hotkey would not always work.
    • The hotkey has also been added to the keyboard shortcuts reference list.

Postgres Adapter

  • Fixed a bug where Not Equals in asset search did not work correctly for metadata fields

Job System

  • ffmpeg render has been optimized to run in a single process, reducing the amount of passes needed to complete the render job, resulting in higher performance and less local disc usage
  • Set audio layout to `quad` instead of `4.0` for audio tracks with four channels
  • ttmlreader can now handle the "f" suffix, so that timecodes like 10f are handled correctly

Full Artefact Version List

Accurate.Video Frontend: 5.12.0
Accurate.Video PostgreSQL Adapter: 5.12.0
Accurate.Video Jobs: 5.12.0
Accurate.Video Analyze: 5.8.0
Accurate.Video Keycloak: 5.4.1
Accurate.Video Vidispine Adapter: 5.12.0