Poster room updates and more

Accurate Video
Nov 17, 2020

Release 4.4.0 highlights

In the latest release (4.4.0) of Accurate Video has seen added functionality for our Poster Room Application. For the curious, there is more information to be found at our Accurate Video site.

Also, since we are tirelessly working on continuing our support for asset-level metadata enhancement. In this release, we've included the capabilities to allow Amazon Rekognition to be invoked when viewing an asset in Accurate Video QC.

For more details, visit the Accurate Video and Accurate Player release notes.

Poster Room

One of the more exciting products we've delivered in the last year is Poster Room. This allows users to create posters based on your content directly in the browser! No download of high-res assets necessary, just work from anywhere, in the browser, and create high-resolution posters based on the original content.

Capturing a Poster

Poster Room allows you to generate posters from your content to use in, for instance, the end viewing experience. One of many use cases for Poster Room is to define images that could be used as posters for content in a VOD/OTT platform. To ensure compatibility with the on-screen environment overlays and aspect ratios must be accounted for.


Presets and overlays

In this release, we've added the possibility to add and manage your own Presets as well as your own Overlays to validate the posters before they are generated. The presets together with the overlays are there to ensure that you can be sure that the poster will fit your end destination and viewer experience.

presets and overlays

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