Accurate.Video Edit: Essential Edits in the Cloud

Cloud-based workflows have been a hot topic for the last few years, but with the disruption and uncertainties of Covid influencing the media industry, the demand for cloud has catapulted. Until recently, the common use-case for using cloud environments to edit videos was for short clips, such as those for social media use. However, with increasing demand from OTT and streaming platforms, media supply chainsĀ are now moving fully to the cloud.

As we discussed in our previous blog, editors will have spent years building their workflows. Therefore, for editing processes to be seamless, users need solutions to be cloud native and lightweight using workflows that sit on top of existing tools.

Accurate.Video Edit is a professional video editor designed for Content Supply Chain workflows. Accurate.Video Edit integrates with current workflows meaning users can make editing decisions based on time coded metadata (markers) previously created in Accurate.Video Validate. The ability to work with proxy files streamlines production and delivers the best video editing experience to the user.

Accurate.Video Edit provides a quick solution for edits needed for content compliance, content localisation for different channels or markets, and segmentation for promo and marketing teams. With features designed to streamline editing processes, it provides an efficient solution for Quality Control (QC) operators to make any essential media edits.

Here are our top reasons why it is needed:

To make content QC quick and simple

Rising competition and with it, rising consumer expectations means that quality control is more important than ever before. Being able to check content has no errors such as the presence of bars, slates and tones or black frames, is absolutely crucial. However, QC editing has traditionally been extremely time-consuming and cumbersome.

Accurate.Video Edit is designed to refine workflows and optimise QC processes, all in the cloud. It helps content operators manage and edit assets that have failed QC. Working efficiently with metadata, users can perform previously time-consuming tasks such as amending animation errors and removing end credits within seconds. Users can also visualise time coded metadata in the source timeline, select markers and create segments from the selection.

With Accurate.Video Edit providing the ability to view individual frames through thumbnails, editors can accurately amend each frame. The clear overview of metadata markers makes it simple to keep the sync between each video frame and its matching audio or subtitle.

To localise content for different regions or platforms

Localising content is now more than simply dubbing over original audio or adding subtitles; there are varying regulations and standards to comply with. Increased consumer expectations mean accurate lip-sync dubbing is required to give an authentic experience. Additionally, different regions have different broadcasting rules. While violence and sex may be acceptable in one region, it may not be in another. Likewise, with content being delivered to multiple platforms, such as mobile devices or TV screens, it is vital that the content can be tailored to suit its final output mode.

With Accurate.Video Edit, users can easily amend content to cater for different audience requirements. Operators can confidently deliver their content to multiple regions and platforms, knowing it has been suitably adapted to the target audience.

It also delivers the perfect tool to compare audio tracks and subtitles with precision and provides editors with the tools to cut out explicit content to prepare the material for varying regional standards. Editors can ensure content is compliant while retaining production authenticity and aesthetics.

To make segmentation simple

It is no good having great content if no-one knows about it. Marketing teams pay a pivotal role in ensuring consumer awareness and increasing demand. At the same time, it is crucial that marketing teams can get promos out fast. However, selecting appropriate segments and refining the content can be a timely and complex challenge.

The search function in Accurate.Video Edit provides operators with a simple way to locate, manage and amend specific timecoded frames, taking the user to the required position immediately. With huge content libraries to manage, these advanced search capabilities maximise efficiency and allow users to search for assets more intuitively.

Its interactive timeline supports a drag and drop feature, meaning users can insert & overwrite timeline operational modes, snap to closest segment, split segments, undo, and redo. Once edits have been finalised, users can create subclips and export them to the location of choice, ready for use in promotional material, such as promo videos, press previews and material for social media.

The latest addition to the Accurate.Video Product Suite, Accurate.Video Edit fits effortlessly into existing media workflows. Built from the ground up, companies can transition to the cloud with little disruption and benefit from efficient, flexible workflows. Find out more here.