PixelStrings and Accurate Video

Johan Bergström
May 07, 2020

Cinnafilms, providers of PixelStrings a cloud-based platform for format conversion, is hosting a Virtual - NAB event where they are introducing some new exciting technology coming in 2020. One of the many solutions that are on show is Accurate Video, and more specifically the Accurate Player. We are excited to be part of this platform.


For many years, Cinnafilm has provided high-grade solutions for conversion, with a focus on visual quality. Among other Tachyon, Dark Energy, Xenon, Wormhole, Radiant Grid.

PixelStrings® is a pay-as-you-go, Op-Ex PaaS (Platform as a Service) that operates media conversion workflows in the cloud and on-premises. It is powered by the same industry-leading tools international studios, production companies, and broadcasters trust on their most valuable theatrical, broadcast, and OTT content.

Accurate Video has been given the opportunity to be part of this revolution. Providing media companies the opportunity to not only convert and transcode but also review their content, all in the cloud


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