New Shiny Exterior

Johan Bergström
Mar 16, 2021

Let’s be honest. Appearances matter. The media industry has been steeped in dark and moody palettes with the occasional splash of a murky violet gradient. Yes, we’ve fallen into that trap ourselves, but that’s going to change!

A few weeks ago we announced that our products would change names to more accurately (pun intended) reflect their purpose and to herd them under the one brand Accurate.Video. But as mentioned there, the company behind the Accurate.Video line of products is Codemill. A business well versed in the media industry and with a long history of successful projects to broadcasters, studios and media brands globally.

We feel that it is now time to more clearly share the visual identity between the two offerings, after all, we have the same goal with both.

In the beginning

Codemill develops professional software for the Media and Entertainment industry. We empower the world's leading broadcasters, studios and creative organisations to realise the full potential of their media content and metadata.

We can boast a full range of expertise needed to cater to the needs of the Media and Entertainment industry. Everything from UX/UI, software design and development, architecture and devops. Using our beautiful web apps and deep workflow integrations, running on AWS, we help users access, validate, edit and share content quickly and efficiently.

Hey, it’s our strongest belief that, as it is their workflow it should also be their way!

A marriage of two

The mission of Codemill could not be more clear than in the Accurate.Video offering. We’ve taken the very best of our tech, experience, and business know-how and put it in the product. But there is more...

The fact that Codemill and Accurate.Video so closely share values and vision should also be reflected in our appearance and messaging. This is now what we are aiming for going forward.

Starting with the two logos, the color scheme and ambiance are united. Our other visual elements will follow the same path.