What's in a name

Accurate Video
Feb 09, 2021

For the last 5 years, we've experienced great success with our frame Accurate Player product offering, a core building-block in numerous critical content supply chain solutions. We then extended our offering, with the Accurate Timeline, for time-based metadata visualisation, building new, standalone (or tightly integrated into your own workflow) apps, which we dubbed Accurate Video.

This year, we are taking exciting new steps that we will implement, launch and inform you about throughout the year. Very soon, we will be launching on several of the most important media service platform providers in the business, so stay tuned.

To start this journey, we've decided to make a few name changes.

Same great products, new names

So why are we doing this? Well, as we grow as a company, it's essential that our brand and product offering needs to be clear and distinct. Our product names should reflect both their purpose, and also allow for growth when it comes to features, use cases, and where our target market is.

Plus ça change

Codemill is the company, Accurate.Video is the brand. This relationship will now be more clearly reflected in our visual identity, but I'll leave that for another day. The first change was actually visible at the beginning of this paragraph. What we used to call Accurate Video, is now Accurate.Video. It's a minor change but one we feel is important (it’s also our website URL). If you want to pronounce the dot or not is entirely up to you. As Accurate.Video is the overarching brand, and our offering will evolve over time, each product name will always be explicitly associated with the brand.

Our two existing Accurate.Video products are also being renamed, as Accurate.Video Validate and Accurate.Video Poster - they were previously Accurate Video Visual QC and Accurate Video Poster Room. We felt that “QC” was too narrow and niche, for the functionality we provide and that “Validate” better described the application’s typical use case (which is for frame accurate video, audio, subtitle and time-based metadata validation), rather than a very specific kind of user role that QC traditionally infers. Posters, which lets users export high quality still images from full resolution video, is clearer than the old Poster “Room” name.

what's in a name

So overall, nothing functionally has changed with these products, other than the name change, and we continue to add new features and fixes, as part of our three week release cycle. In fact, our biggest ever release of new features is imminent, so watch out for news of that in the very near future!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please get in touch via the Accurate.Video website. We love hearing about current and emerging media workflow challenges and how we can help you to solve them. Our internal hot topics right now are tasks, collaboration, remote editing, HDR and IMF - what are yours?

accurate video name change