Exciting things in Accurate Video

Accurate Video
Oct 14, 2020

Accurate Video is breaking new ground

Accurate Video, now in its 4th major release, has seen a lot of new exciting features. The frame-accuracy of Accurate Player is still at the core with a beautiful timeline for visualizing timecoded metadata accompanying it. With the 4.3.0 release in place, we want to highlight some of the more important changes to the platform.

Full release notes can be found here

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Metadata enrichment

In the latest release, 4.3.0, of Accurate Video we are expanding on the capabilities we first introduced in the 4.2.0 release. Amazon Rekognition support allows users to automatically detect shot changes, black frames, color bars, and end credits, enabling users to rapidly perform tasks such as content preparation, ad insertion, or adding ‘binge-markers’ to content at scale in the cloud.


Rekognition data displayed on the timeline

We have implemented the possibility to invoke the Rekognition Video Media Analysis, from the asset view or automatically when ingesting content from storage.


Rekognition can be triggered automatically on asset ingest, or manually from the action button in the asset view


Users set a confidence level for displaying metadata extracted by Rekognition

Focus on tasks

Traditionally content is accessed in one of two ways (sometimes a combination of the two). Either via the assets themselves, i.e an asset-centric approach. The other way is to look at what needs to be done, a task-centric approach. With this release we’ve introduced a view with this approach, allowing access with the focus on what needs to be done, what assets you should work on, or want to see who is responsible for viewing or working on a specific asset.


The new asset list view, part of our evolving task management functionality

Adding new storages

Although AWS and S3 storages are a well known, highly used service there are customers who wish to run other services as well. We’ve now added Azure Blob Storage to our list of supported storage.


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Accurate Video

Accurate Video a media supply chain product suite from Codemill purpose-built for QC/QA, post-production and content operations teams. Built with a cloud-native approach it is lightweight and can be deployed both in the cloud and on-prem. Accurate Video is a product of choice for several leading broadcasters, media companies, and studios.

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