The Accurate.Video Product Suite

Creating compelling media content that will resonate with fans and attract subscribers can be complex. At the same time, creative teams are looking to make those workflows as efficient as possible without sacrificing on quality, so that they can spend more time concentrating on the creative process.

While every media workflow is unique, there are often commonalities in terms of processes and tools. That is why a product-centric approach can work well as long as the products are media-specific.

Accurate.Video is a web-based video platform created for broadcast, post-production and media professionals. It can be seamlessly integrated with your existing tools and storage, meaning you don’t need to make significant changes to your internal systems and processes.

In this blog post, we will round up the different product offerings and what they do:

Accurate.Video Validate

In any media workflow, it is critical to ensure that videos will be delivered with the best possible quality, across any platform. Media companies also need to quickly and efficiently ensure compliance with standards, different platforms, and their own internal processes before delivery. Often media players are not frame-accurate, making it almost impossible to properly verify what content will look like for the consumer. Having a clear overview of the metadata markers is also crucial, especially when ensuring content rights and ad marker compliance.

Validate enables broadcast, VOD and OTT content operations teams to frame-accurately Quality Check (QC) high-quality video, with multiple discrete audio tracks and subtitles, as well as verify time-based metadata. It is a lightweight solution that seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure with no SaaS lock-in.

It includes advanced metadata visualization, professional media quality control and validation, advanced audio features, and support for subtitles and closed captions, as well as annotations and markers.

Accurate.Video Poster

There is no value in creating great content if your viewers don’t know about it. Creating posters for your promo material is really important, but it can be extremely time-consuming, requiring a huge amount of effort from designers to locate the right content. Remote production workflows enforced during the pandemic have made that process even more challenging.

With Poster, you can create posters for your content using proxies based on the original content. This enables users to work from anywhere, quickly creating promo material and posters based on your existing cloud-based content. Users can work rapidly with a proxy in the browser, while generating posters from the original. Image templates and “no fly zones” make it easy to ensure that all posters will adhere to a house style and any specific requirements.

Accurate Player SDK

While our product suite is designed to meet the demands of modern media workflows, sometimes media companies need to build something more bespoke for a custom workflow. Accurate Player SDK goes beyond just a player to deliver everything that is needed to build a comprehensive media player. It is the same technology behind all of our products and is constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-evolving media landscape.

Accurate Player SDK is a web-based framework that can be adapted and integrated into an existing workflow within minutes. It features a number of key components including:

Ensuring Media Accuracy

Accurate.Video is a product suite designed specifically for the media industry. It has been constantly evolving over recent years, adapting to suit modern media workflows and the challenges being faced by our customers. This means that it can address the needs of most modern media workflows. For those media companies looking for something more bespoke, we have components that can be seamlessly integrated to build custom workflows. We also have a team of experts that can be on hand to help create something truly unique when you require it.

Our products are available in AWS Marketplace, SDVI Rally, or direct from us, making it easy to get the right tool as and when you need it.