Accurate.Video Poster: How to Drive Engagement with Thumbnails

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Consumers make their decisions based on the way a brand presents itself, and in the video streaming industry, this is often through artwork. Driving engagement to your content can be a challenge especially when viewers are surrounded by an overwhelming array of choice. Video streaming platforms have thousands of shows and films on offer, so how can providers make themselves stand out visually to gain the attention of the viewer?

A good poster or thumbnail can be the difference between a customer being drawn into opening a certain video or remaining indifferent. The poster is often the first thing that viewers notice when scrolling through content, so it is important to make an impact.

The Perfect Artwork

Accurate.Video Poster (AV Poster) has all the features needed to create a frame perfect poster. AV Poster can be accessed through a web-browser and seamlessly integrates with your existing tools to ensure there are no disruptions to your current systems and processes.

Creating posters and thumbnails for promo materials is typically considered to be a time-consuming process. AV Poster cuts down on the time spent selecting and producing the ideal artwork by allowing you to work using proxies. Users can rapidly create posters using proxy content in the browser, removing the limitations of working on standard laptops and improving bandwidth speeds. Furthermore, with DRM protected proxies, your digital media content is safeguarded against unauthorised distribution.

As well as addressing the needs of modern media workflows, AV Poster provides a cost-efficient solution. Artwork from content partners is often substandard or doesn’t accurately represent the content of the film or episode. In addition, this artwork comes at a high price, sometimes costing as much as €15 per image and even more if it must be recreated.

AV Poster is the perfect tool to create a poster from a specific frame to promote your video. Let’s take a journey through the process:

Timeline and Capture Mode

The AV Poster timeline represents all the content of the video with frame accuracy. This powerful tool gives you full control over your playback functions. With the ability to zoom, you can see each individual frame in detail and with the hover feature, you can preview each frame. The current time indicator cuts through the entire timeline to make it clear where you are positioned, to represent an accurate playback position.

Capture mode is where the poster making process starts. Using proxies, low-resolution replicas of your chosen frames are stored in a ‘Snapshots’ tab allowing quick access to them, to then either delete or edit. Choose to download them and they’re presented to you in high quality, with all the metadata of the specific poster, including time code, height, and aspect ratio.

Accurate Video Poster Userguide.png

Edit and Create

Here you can adjust and customise your snapshot to make sure it’s right. Change the poster title to whatever suits you, apply preset configurations, select your ideal aspect ratio, make changes to resolutions, and alter file formats. Utilise the guidelines setting to create symmetry and align elements, and use the overlays setting to ensure layers are positioned correctly and your logo isn’t obscuring important elements.

Additionally, the selection tool allows you to customise your snapshot with a grid-based editing tool. With this tool you can drag and grab the corners of your snapshot to zoom in or out. If you want the snapshot back to the original state, you can simply double click the selection area of your snapshot.

Accurate Video Poster Userguide(1).png

Finalising the Poster

Once you’re satisfied with your image, it’s time to create your poster. With a touch of a button, your low-resolution snapshot is transformed into a high-resolution poster, ready to grab the attention of the viewer. AV Poster makes creating multiple posters at the same time possible, so you can enhance the user experience by offering further value at the first touch point.

Part of the Accurate.Video Product Suite, AV Poster is designed to create compelling media content that streamlines workflows and attracts subscribers. With AV Poster there are endless possibilities to create the perfect artwork to encourage views, ensuring the viewers’ first impression is a lasting one.