Accurate.Video March Update

Johan Bergström
Mar 08, 2021

Your workflow, your way!

We believe that you have the knowledge and experience to decide how your workflow should work. This is not up to a solutions provider. Therefore, we abide by the notion that, if possible, allow our solutions to augment your current experience and infrastructure. The latest release of Accurate.Video (Version 5 no less!) follows that ethos. 

To get the full lowdown of all the nitty-gritty details from the latest release, take a look at the full Release notes

Accurate.Video Validate is available from AWS Marketplace, through select partners such as SDVI, or contact us directly for an enterprise license, advanced support or Professional Services, including installation, onboarding and custom software development.

Application settings

You can now dynamically update any application settings in Accurate.Video Validate using our APIs. This will allow you to control all front end behaviours that our Settings allow. To see the all the details on what is possible have a look in the API-documentation.

API Documentation

Resizable panels

No screen (or person for that matter) is the same. Resolution, screen size etc will affect the workspace. To allow for an optimal experience, we've introduced resizable Panels. Each panel can be resized to your specific needs.

Strict taxonomy

An excellent way of improving workflow efficiency is to allow the solution to guide the user to use a certain taxonomy, for instance when naming Markers in the interface. This is now available in Accurate.Video, and can be set in the Settings.

...But wait...there is more! 

Release Notes

For the full release notes go here




See the user guide for more information.