Released 2023-03-14
  • Added support for saving Audio Meter-related settings in localStorage
  • Added more icons
Release notes


  • AudioMeter, AudioMeterBasic, AudioMeterSettings
    • Added support for saving and fetching audio meter settings to/from local storage.
      • Default: disabled/false.
      • It is also possible to provide a prefix used for separating saved settings for multiple audio meters and settings menus
    • Added the possibility to specify which controls should be available in the audio meter settings menu. All controls are available by default.
  • New icons added: Bookmark, Data, Filter Advanced, Final Cut, History, Placeholder, Premiere Pro, Saved Search, Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, Unlink


  • Adjusted SVG for ApIconLink
  • ApTimelineBasic: Playback is now paused while scrubbing. If the video was playing when the user grabbed the CTI it will resume once the user releases the CTI.