Released 2022-03-29
  • New Timeline component: Spanning marker
  • Added possibility to bulk select markers in the timeline
Release notes


  • ApTimeline/ApTimelineBasic: The component now establishes a new containing block for all descendants. This ensures that the padding box will be used to layout for all of its absolute-position descendants, fixed-position descendants, and descendants with fixed background attachments. This might affect absolute- and/or fixed positioned content that you may have placed in the timeline, as it will now be positioned relative to the timeline instead of a containing block outside of the component.


  • ApTimelineSpanningMarker: New component. The component can be used to show a marker on the timeline that spans across the whole timeline height. This is useful to show divisions of the timeline over all groups and rows.
  • ApTimelineRangeSelect
    • Added way to snap start and end position of the range select to a given array of values. Enable the snap functionality by setting the snap property to true and setting the values to snap to using the snapValues property. A new callback/event apSnap/apsnap will be called/emitted when the start or end value is changed by a snap.
    • Added readOnly property that can be used to toggle read only mode. The read only mode disables interaction like moving the start and end positions of the range.
    • Added apClick/apclick property/event that is triggered when the range select is clicked.
    • Added property lockWidth that can be used to lock the width between the start and end of the range.
  • ApTimelineMetadata
    • Added support for registering double click callbacks for timeline markers.
    • Extended marker styling options. It is now possible to set cursor, borderWidth, borderColor and borderRadius.
  • ApTimelineMarker: Extended marker styling options. It is now possible to set cursor, borderWidth, borderColor and borderRadius.
  • ApTimelineGroup: Added an opacity transition on the groups content when it is opened/closed.
  • Added SelectionController utility class that implements selection behaviour. This feature makes it easier to implement selections that span multiple rows, more information and examples are available in the documentation.


  • ApTimelineRangeSelect: Fixed a bug which made it hard to grab the right and left handles.
  • ApTimelineGroup: Changed how the group height is calculated for the open/closed transition to avoid overflowing elements affecting the transition.
  • ApTimelineCurrentTimeIndicator: Fixed a bug when using lineMode: LineMode.BOTH that caused the indicator line to not cover the whole timeline.
  • ApScrollArea: Scroll handle should no longer overflow the scroll content container.
  • ApAudioMeterBasic: Seeking in video while playing no longer sets audio levels to 0