Released 2021-11-23
  • New audio routing component
  • Audio meter improvements
  • Timeline waveform zoom
Release notes




  • AudioRoutingBasic: New component added to the component library. Can be used to change channel routing for audio tracks in Accurate Player.
  • ApTimelineBasic:
    • Added properties `rangeMax` and `rangeMin` which makes it possible to limit the range select.
    • Added waveform vertical zoom functionality
  • ApAudioMeterBasic:
    • "Mono mix" mode is added to ApAudioMeterBasic. When enabled, shows a single bar representing the dB values for all tracks. Also, removes the "VU meter size" section from the settings popup menu.
    • Added soloMuteButton property to add solo/mute buttons for each channel
    • Added channelLabels property that gives you the possibility to specify channel labels to be shown beneath the channel bars
  • ApScrollArea: Added support for horizontal scrollbars


  • ApScrollArea:
    • Fixed bug which caused scroll positions to be reset when the component was moved in the DOM.
    • Fixed bug which caused dragging of scroll handles to stop working after the component was moved in the DOM.
  • ApSelectionTool:
    • Fixed issue where api.resetSelectionArea() would cause the selection to go outside of the current bounds.
    • Replaced usage of ClientRect (deprecated) with SelectionToolRect
  • ApTimelineBasic:
    • Minor bug that caused the timeline preview to lose its position when dragging the current time indicator.
    • Removed documentation for css variable --ap-audio-meter-channel-width since the width is set by channelWidth property
  • ApTimelineMetadata
    • Fixed issue that caused the component to emit selection events when selection was not enabled