Released 2021-09-28
  • Breaking: Migrated from lit to lit-element
  • Timeline now support zooming and panning with touchpad and scroll wheel
Release notes




  • ApTimelineBasic: Added support for touchpad and scroll wheel interaction in the timeline.
    • Pinch the touchpad / use ctrl + scroll to zoom
    • Pan the touchpad / use shift + scroll to move back and fourth
  • ApTimelineCurrentTimeIndicator: Added "snap to values" support in which, if configured, allows assistance to the user when scrubbing the media by snapping to start and end of markers within the timeline.
  • ApScrollArea: Now supports horizontal scrollbar.


  • ApTimelineBasic: Hide tip of CTI sticking out the bottom in firefox.


  • Migrate to lit from lit-element.
    • This change is BREAKING for projects that runs lit-element@<3 and/or lit-html@<2.
    • These projects are recommended to update to using lit@^2 or upgrade to using lit-element@^3 and lit-html@^2.
    • For other projects this change is not breaking.