Released 2021-09-28
  • Beta release of Edit app!
  • Custom marker forms in Validate
  • Touchpad navigation added to the timeline
  • Extended support for marker filtering and interaction
Release notes


First release! See product website for more details.



  • Added support for configuring custom marker forms per marker track
    • Read more and see examples here.
  • Added timeline snap-to-markers when dragging the current time indicator and holding down a hotkey.
  • Support for undo & redo for marker create, remove and edit operations.
  • Status based read write for markers. Extended validate.features.markers setting to support write, read and hide or a function to change the value of the setting.
  • Added ability to see the marker table while creating and editing markers.
    • An icon to toggle this behavior has been added inside the create / edit marker form.
  • Added ability feature to re-order and show/hide columns in the marker list table.
  • Added possibility to filter marker tracks in the timeline as well as in the marker tab.
    • Remove groups entirely by deselecting them.
    • Search and highlight markers in the timeline by searching in the marker tab.
  • Moved playback settings to media tab from timeline settings
    • Drop frame and start offset
  • Extended zoom and pan navigation in the timline by supporting touchpad and scroll wheel
    • Ctrl + scroll / pinch to zoom in and out
    • Shift + scroll / pan to move zoom area right and left


  • Fixed transparency when application brand is disabled
  • Fixed bug where hotkeys still functioned when the hotkey-overlay was open


  • The feature "Strict Taxonomy" is now considered deprecated
    • It will be supported until the next major release
    • Custom Forms is meant to replace since it offers the same functionality, and much more

Postgres Adapter


  • Now supports logging in JSON format, making logs easier to view with log tools.
  • Assets now have a configurable retention period after being deleted. During this period the asset can be un-deleted, and after the period expires the asset is permanently deleted.


  • Optimised indices for improved database performance.

Job System


  • Now supports logging in JSON format, making logs easier to view with log tools.

Vidispine Adapter


  • AV Marker timestamps compatible with Cantemo Annotation Tool.


  • Fixed bug when creating Posters with the Vidispine Adapter.