Released 2024-06-25
  • JIT playback support in Validate
Release notes



  • Validate: Add support for JIT playback
  • Marker style can now be individually configured per marker, not just on track level


  • ⚠️ Frame accuracy in Firefox >= 115
    A change in Firefox was introduced in version 115 which caused the player to report incorrect frames when playing mp4 files containing edit lists, thus causing the player to not be frame accurate.

    Version 5.21.0 fixes this issue which means that if:
    • Running Firefox >= 115 you need Accurate.Video version 5.21.0 or higher to get correct frame accuracy.
    • Running Firefox < 115 you have to run Accurate.Video < 5.21.0 in order to get correct frame accuracy.

  • ⚠️ Frame accuracy in Safari
    Version 5.21.0 improves frame accuracy in Safari

  • Elements supporting dragging actions no longer causes text to be selected
  • When copying a marker, any metadata compliant with the destination track will be copied
  • Negative video stream duration is now considered invalid and will not be used
  • Marker metadata is now properly cleared when deleting corresponding value in the marker form

Full Artefact Version List

Accurate.Video Frontend: 5.21.0
Accurate.Video PostgreSQL Adapter: 5.21.0
Accurate.Video Vidispine Adapter: 5.21.0
Accurate.Video Jobs: 5.21.0
Accurate.Video Analyze: 5.21.0