Released 2024-02-20
  • Add way to specify custom metadata on audio and subtitle tracks in multi-track video proxies
  • Support for Poster in Accurate.Video launch template architecture
Release notes


Accurate.Video launch template architecture now supports the Poster application

Read more about it here: https://apps.accurate.video



  • Added way to specify custom metadata on audio/subtitle tracks in multi-track video proxies


  • Copy/Paste buttons are now disabled when those actions are not available
  • Set inpoint/Set outpoint buttons are now disabled when those actions are not available
  • Current time is now persisted when a multi-track video file is detached or reloaded
  • Detached window now properly displays video loading indicator
  • Fix issue where not all video and audio streams were showing in the Metadata tab, only the first of each was shown
  • Fix issue with TTML/IMSC cues disappearing when identical in appearance
  • The horizontal scrollbar in the marker table no longer steals focus from the volume slider when they overlap
  • Marker table cog wheel is no longer hidden when settings menu of the table is open
  • Muxed audio was included in timeline even though video lacked muxed audio
  • Time codes no longer being cut off in split view in the Markers tab
  • Now shows error notification when trying to play from main window while in detached mode
  • The Edit Marker form is now focused when opened
  • Timespan subtitles are now loaded even when fetching the timespans takes a long time
  • When copying a marker to a new location, player no longer seeks to the old location




  • Increase the contrast on non-active Poster navigation items to increase readability
  • Snapshots can no longer be taken while the player is seeking

Full Artefact Version List

Accurate.Video Frontend: 5.19.0