Released 2023-09-19
  • Added PAC support to Validate
Release notes



  • Added setting timeline.waveforms.visibility to allow hiding or disabling of waveforms
  • Added setting under timeline.waveforms specifically for files, allowing you to skip the fallback to analyze or vidispine waveforms
  • Added support for PAC subtitle format


  • Seek to in/out and loop actions are now allowed for subtitle cues as well
  • Handle audio files where the audio stream is missing information about duration
  • Show prompt with clear error when license validation fails
  • When selecting a marker in timeline the marker edit form now stays open
  • The "No metadata" message is no longer shown in the metadata tab if the field set is not configured in settings
  • Failing to create a marker no longer freezes marker form
  • Timeline row titles no longer gets cut off when the row is read only


  • Deprecated the keycloak auth method in favor of oidc auth method. See documentation. oidc auth settings now require authority, client_id and redirect_uri to be set

Vidispine Adapter


  • Fixed issue setting labels on posters
  • Fixed poster timecode handling



  • Added oidc support

Full Artefact Version List

Accurate.Video Frontend: 5.17.0
Accurate.Video PostgreSQL Adapter: 5.17.0
Accurate.Video Jobs: 5.17.0
Accurate.Video Analyze: 5.17.1
Accurate.Video Keycloak: 5.4.1
Accurate.Video Vidispine Adapter: 5.17.0