Released 2023-01-17
  • Validate: It is now possible to detach the video to a separate window
  • Validate: Asset status form now supports custom forms
  • Poster: Snapshots are no longer deleted when creating a poster
Release notes



  • Added setting to disable navigation between apps through button in header features.disableAppNavigation



  • Edit will now base the contents of a source asset on its original files. Video proxies (if available) are used for playback, but channel count, channel offset and waveforms are extracted from the original files.
  • Added setting apps.edit.original.tag for configuring which value to use as original tag.


  • Edit now pass all preset metadata to the render endpoint
  • Adjusted styling for Project Bin and Splash Loader to better support Light theme.



  • Added setting for keeping the marker form open efter saving edited marker data. If not in split view mode an option to cancel and navigate back to the marker list, in addition to the cancel button, is added in the form of a back arrow in the form header.
    • apps.validate.features.keepMarkerFormOpenOnSave
  • When no changes have been made in the edit marker form the save button is disabled. The button is also disabled when changes to the marker data have been saved and the form is set to remain open.
  • Marker selected state is persisted after exiting edit state and a newly created marker is set to selected (without moving the CTI) after it has been created.
  • Added form property to asset status configuration that can be used to set a custom form when setting the asset status. The custom forms works in a similar manner as the asset- and file forms in the metadata tab. A form is defined under the forms setting and is marked for usage with the form property in the asset status configuration. Form values are stored on the asset as metadata.
    • This deprecates the allowComment configuration that toggled the comment form when setting a status. Configurations using allowComment are migrated to a default form defaultAssetStatusCommentForm that contains a single form field for a comment. The functionality should thus be the same as before.
  • Added setting that can be used to configure the safe areas to use. This was previously only possible to change via the settings api / settings admin ui, but this have now been removed. A feature toggle for turning the whole feature on / off is available under apps.validate.features.safeAreas.
    • apps.validate.safeAreas


  • Allow Mac users to delete markers with keyboard delete button (if external keyboard) and fn+backspace (Mac equivalent of the delete button)
  • Fixed bug which caused timeline to not display pre-enabled SCC subtitles
  • Ensure metadata tab orders audio files in the same manner as media tab and timeline
  • Marker paste button is now disabled when no row is selected
  • First discrete audio track enabled now properly plays audio on load
  • Metadata fields in the metadata tab are now properly ordered by the UiSchema
  • Switching group in marker form now properly updates the track selection as well
  • The scroll position is now persisted when the marker form is saved.
  • A selected marker is no longer deselected when its track is hidden by a filter. The hidden track however will get deselected.


  • assetStatus.statuses.allowComment are deprecated, use custom forms instead.



  • Snapshots from which posters are created are no longer deleted upon starting the poster job.
  • Added flash effect to Edit view to enhance poster creation feedback.
  • Default aspect ratio can now be configured in settings under: apps.poster.defaultAspectRatio.


  • Fixed an issue where using the "Go to posters" notification shortcut would cause multiple snapshots to be selected upon returning to Edit & Create.
  • Loading poster with frame query parameter now properly loads the correct frame on load.

Full Artefact Version List

Accurate.Video Frontend: 5.14.0
Accurate.Video PostgreSQL Adapter: 5.14.0
Accurate.Video Jobs: 5.14.0
Accurate.Video Analyze: 5.13.0
Accurate.Video Keycloak: 5.4.1
Accurate.Video Vidispine Adapter: 5.14.0