Released 2022-05-24
  • New Ad break workspace in Validate!
  • Bulk select & delete in Validate
Release notes



  • Changed font in the program table



  • New Ad break workspace!
    • New marker type “spanning marker” that lets you:
      • Define the start & end of program (hotkey “P” and “Shift + P”)
      • Create breaks (hotkey “B”)
      • Create cuts (hotkey “M”)
    • New toolbar icons for setting start/end of program & breaks
    • New program table that lists durations for each part between breaks and the total program duration (minus breaks & cuts)
  • Bulk select & delete markers!
    • Changed behavior for markers in the timeline and marker table. Single clicking now selects markers and double clicking opens the edit form.
    • Hotkey “Enter” opens the marker form for a selected marker.
    • Hotkey “Backspace/delete” deletes a selected marker.
    • Selecting more than one marker in the timeline or marker table opens a bulk panel that lets you:
      • Bulk delete all selected markers (hotkey “Backspace/delete”)
      • Deselect all selected markers (hotkey “Esc”)
  • Added more default playback rate options. Available playback rates are now configurable via settings.js, under the key: `playbackRates`. See documentation
  • Added a user setting for displaying an outline around the video to help with visual inspection of black bars. Use hotkey “Shift+B” to toggle the outline.
  • You can now shift+drag the time indicator and in/out points for increased precision.
  • Added current time indicator scrubbing when moving inpoint/outpoint of a range. Meaning that you will now get visual feedback in the player when dragging in/outpoints in the timeline.
  • Added support for marker export on the frontend (note that markers will not be persisted on a storage when using this export setting).
  • Read-only marker tracks now have a different look compared to regular tracks.
  • The time range now changes visually in the timeline when editing a marker.
  • Clicking a time code in the marker table now seeks to that time code.
  • Virtual tracks: Audio profile can now be set automatically after asset ingest.


  • Improved performance of the marker table when working with a large amount of markers.
  • Fixed issue where the delete icons were hidden when the marker table had horizontal scroll. Both delete and edit icons now always show on the right side of the table on hover.
  • Copy and paste marker can no longer be triggered from a modal window.
  • The “clear points” button and hotkeys are now disabled while creating or editing a marker.



  • Fixed a bug where poster jobs would continue polling after a job has been aborted or failed
  • Downloaded posters from assets in Vidispine are now stored with the correct file type

Postgres Adapter & Job System

  • Proper authentication towards storage when streaming HLS and DASH.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

Full Artefact Version List

Accurate.Video Frontend: 5.11.0
Accurate.Video PostgreSQL Adapter: 5.11.0
Accurate.Video Jobs: 5.11.0
Accurate.Video Analyze: 5.8.0
Accurate.Video Keycloak: 5.4.1
Accurate.Video Vidispine Adapter: 5.11.0