Released 2023-11-22
  • More precise return types
  • TimedTextPlugin now support iTunes Timed Text
Release notes


  • Return type for some functions have been made more precise, showing when the returned value might be null or undefined. E.g number -> number | undefined


  • Probe: getMediaInfo()
    • support reading channel count for opus audio tracks
    • support reading time code tracks in order to set frameOffset and dropFrame properties
  • TimedTextPlugin: added support for iTunes Timed Text


  • SegmentPlayer: now works together with SmoothTimeUpdatePlugin
  • Probe: getMediaInfo()
    • Chrome and Firefox update caused mov files with single edit list entry to be off by one frame
    • incorrect aspect ratio reported caused by a float rounding error.
  • TimedTextPlugin:
    • accept leading blank line in srt files
    • safari could not load track element based renderers
  • Controls: quality picker did not display correct state when using HlsPlayer