Released 2023-01-17
  • Breaking change that only affects the CutlistPlayer
Release notes


  • SccSubtitlePlugin: Added an optional option to the SccSubtitlePluginSettings where you can state to which parent element you want to append the cue style tags.


  • Play/Pause state of the player no longer mismatch when the play() request fails
  • ChannelControlPlugin: fixed getMonoMixFloatFrequencyData to work in Chrome and Safari. The issue was that Chrome and Safari only returned data from what seems to be one channel (Chrome returned data from channel 0 and Safari channel 1) instead of all channels.
    • A workaround was added that combines data extracted from the individual channels instead.
  • SubtitlePlugin: Subtitles were duplicated on firefox
  • VttSubtitlePlugin/ImscSubtitlePlugin/SccSubtitlePlugin: improved subtitle source detection to not mistakenly assume the "src" property is a SubtitleSource.
  • getMediaInfo: Decreased memory consumption when reading audio tracks


  • Moved Cut, CutlistPlayerEventName, CutChangedEvent, PreviewChangedEvent from @accurate-player/accurate-player-cutlist to @accurate-player/accurate-player-core