Released 2022-05-24
  • ChannelControlPlugin API updates
Release notes


  • ChannelControlPlugin: Added getChannelMaxRMSdB and getTrackMaxRMSdB api methods to replace getMaxRMSdB (deprecated) and getGlobalMaxRMSdB (deprecated).

    The main difference being that the new methods returns the waveform data in addition to the dBFS values:
    const { dBFS, floatTimeDomainData } = await getChannelMaxRMSdB(idOrSrc, duration);
    // The floatTimeDomainData is an array of the waveform data used to calculate the dBFS values.

    Another difference is that getGlobalMaxRMSdB returns the total dBFS for all audio tracks, but the method replacing it: getTrackMaxRMSdB, returns the dBFS for each track instead.

    If you want the total dBFS value for all tracks (like getGlobalMaxRMSdB) you are advised to use the utility function combineDecibelLevels instead:

    const { dBFS } = await getTrackMaxRMSdB(duration);
    const totalDBFS = combineDecibelLevels(dBFS):

  • All players: Added player setting playbackRates that can be used to specify a list of available playback rates.
  • SmoothTimeUpdatePlugin: Added setting to force the use of requestAnimationFrame instead of requestVideoFrameCallback. This is of use if you play an audio-only file for example, as requestVideoFrameCallback wont fire if no video is rendered.
  • ChannelControlPlugin: Exposed the sample rate of the audio context in getAudioContextSampleRate


  • Controls: Manually changing drop frame now reflects in current time display
  • AudioScrubPlugin: Fixed issue which caused AudioScrubPlugin to not cleanup audio elements when loading new files.