Released 2022-01-25
  • Minor improvements
Release notes











  • Added aspect ratio utilities to core, along with aspect ratio data in the VideoFile object
  • defaultChannelRouter method is now exported from the core library. This method returns the default route map of the used by the ChannelControlPlugin.
  • Plugin settings are now exposed as readonly to make it easier to read default settings
  • ChannelControlPlugin: Added methods setGain and getGain to get or set a specific gain of a channel.
  • DiscreteAudioPlugin: Added function isAudioTrackActive.


  • DiscreteAudioPlugin
    • trackCount is now correctly calculated from the count of active audio tracks.
    • Enable/Disable track does no longer emit events if enabling/disabling already enabled/disabled tracks.
    • Fixed cleanup of native elements.
  • getMediaInfo: fixed videoStartOffset error caused by double edit list entries in mp4.
  • SmoothTimeUpdatePlugin now works when CutlistPlayer switch video elements.