Released 2021-11-23
  • Improved audio analysis tools
Release notes











  • ChannelControlPlugin: Added "mono mix" support. This adds the possibility to get waveform data per track and and a global dB value for all tracks combined. Previously waveform data was only available per channel on each track.
  • ChannelControlPlugin:
    • Added api method resetChannelRouting which resets channel routing for all tracks.
    • Added api method routingHasChanged for checking if the routing is changed from the default one.
  • CutlistPlayer:
    • Improved error handling to allow updating the currently loaded url . This is useful for refreshing an expired presigned url.
    • Added support for videoStartOffset for the loaded videofile.
  • getMediaInfo: Added support for fragmented mp4


  • SmoothTimeUpdatePlugin: Fixed bug causing the TimeUpdate event to be triggered on seek for all frames between the current frame and the seek target.