Released 2021-06-07
  • Added support for CutlistPlayer to play black sections between clips
Release notes











  • CutlistPlayer: Added support for black frame playback. See CutlistPlayer documentation.
  • CutlistPlayer: Added option to keep current time when reloading a cutlist.


  • Controls: Seek popup will now blur focus after popup is closed
  • Controls: Fixed layout issues in Firefox related to focus when tabbing
  • Controls: Prevent controls from crashing when no video file is found
  • Controls: Fullscreen mode will now work even if ImscPlugin doesn't load any subtitles
  • ChannelControlPlugin: ChannelControlEventType.Added will now be emitted correctly
  • ChannelControlPlugin: Fixed bug which caused discrete audio tracks to sound even though player was globally muted if the discrete audio was loaded after the player was globally muted
  • Player: api.muted and api.getStatus().muted will now report the same state