Released 2024-02-20
  • Styling of IMSC subtitles updated
  • Accurate Player Controls now compatible with TimedTextPlugin
  • "seeking" property added to the player status object
Release notes


  • TimedTextPlugin: The IMSCRenderer no longer appends styling to the video element. Minor adjustments to the styling of the video element might be needed in order for the subtitles to be positioned correctly.


  • Controls: apc-controls are now compatible with the TimedTextPlugin
  • Player: "seeking" property added to the player status object


  • TimedTextPlugin(IMSC/TTML): No longer discards duplicate cues with exact same appearance
  • TimedTextPlugin: Fix for Safari to load track element based renderers
  • TrackExtractor: Fix error when loading H.265 video
  • Controls: Do not show error message when updating src using updateSrc callback
  • Controls: Fix bug where event listeners are not removed properly when destroying controls, leading to console errors