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Accurate.Video Edit is the preferred video editor solution for professional workflows. Beautifully designed with frame-accurate capabilities. Trim videos to remove unwanted parts, delete segments and keep the video's most important sections or combine multiple clips into one longer video.

No proprietary formats, just plain beauty.

Accurate.Video Edit

Accurate.Video Edit is an intuitive web browser application, optimised for cloud native workflows. Quickly select and make editing decisions based on time coded metadata (markers) previously created in. Accurate.Video Validate or generated through services like AWS Rekognition and Interra Baton.

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Accurate.Video Edit

Use cases



With Accurate.Video Edit the task of extracting subclips and exporting them to the location of choice is simple – no expert training required.
Use the subclips in your favorite NLE to create promotional videos, publish material for social media (videos, gifs). Manage press previews and to prepare other types of marketing material.



Accurate.Video Edit helps content operators manage and edit assets that have failed QC owing to the presence of bars, slates and tones or black frames. Any unwanted sections, such as intro/end credits, can also be cut, and content can be amended for different audience requirements.


Frame accurate controls
Frame accurate controls
  • Frame accurate Source & Program players.
  • Select Video & Audio proxies for playback.
  • Show thumbnails while scrubbing the video to quickly find the scenes you are looking for.
  • Extensive keyboard shortcuts for playback and edit functions.
  • Interactive segments, support for drag and drop
  • Insert & overwrite timeline operational modes.
  • Snap to closest segment.
  • Split segments.
  • Undo & Redo.
Time-coded metadata
Time-coded metadata
  • Visualize time coded metadata in the source timeline.
  • Select markers and create segments from the selection (e.g, highlights, scenes, annotations).
  • Select markers and create segments excluding the selection (e.g. black frames, explicit content, intro, end credits).
  • Seamless integration with Accurate.Video Validate.
Export media
Export media
  • Export and render with configurable presets. • Export segments as individual files (subclips).
  • Export Video & Audio.
  • AWS Elemental MediaConvert.
  • Hybrik.
  • FFmpeg.

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