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Accurate Player SDK lets you extend your solutions with our highly capable components to make the most of your own solutions

It’s the perfect solution when you have an existing application or wish to build one from scratch. Start with the player for frame-accurate play back.

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The Accurate Player SDK is a collection of reusable and easily customizable UI components to be used when building interfaces in the Accurate Player ecosystem.

Use cases

Advanced media player for MAM and Content Supply Chain

Quickly validate content, subtitles, audio frame-accurately in your media asset, content management systems, or content archive.

Content preparation for broadcast, VOD/OTT

Prepare the content before distribution to broadcast or VOD/OTT platforms. This can be QC (Audio, Subtitle, Content) but also prepare ad-brakes and other markers for downstream management.

Content compliance with help from machine learning

Visualize metadata from AI and machine learning services such as AWS Rekognition and other cloud based AutoQC solutions. Utilize the Accurate Player and the Timeline present this to the users in an intuitive way

Training custom machine learning, for media workflows

AI training requires a way to give feedback to the model to continuously strengthen the predictability of the AI. This can be achieved using Accurate Player SDK to give, for instance SageMaker Ground Truth the data it needs by logging and marking the content but also giving signals to false positives.

Clipping tool for promos, sports, news and social media distribution

Use the player and timeline to annotate and visualize portions of your content. Create frame-accurate segments that can be used for promos.

News, sports & events logger

Log notes, decisions and other events directly in the browser. Based on either manual or strict taxonomy.

Review/approval & collaboration tool

Augment your project tools with our player to manage, share and comment on assets to collaborate efficiently.

Something else?

If you can imagine it, you can probably build it.


Accurate Player

Accurate Player is a web browser based, frame-accurate, professional video, audio and subtitle player framework. Accurate Player includes advanced software functionality, a frontend component library and well documented REST APIs, for integration into any application or workflow.

Supports both progressive and Adaptive Bitrate streaming

With support for all SMPTE frame rates & timecode, advanced audio functionality, extensive subtitle and Closed Caption support and content security integrations for advanced user authentication, DRM and watermarking.

Professional content playback

Frame accurate media playback - all SMTPE frame rates and timecode

Advanced audio features

Playback of multiple simultaneous discrete and embedded audio tracks with the support for audio scrubbing

Subtitles & closed captions

Play multiple, simultaneous subtitles and closed captions tracks


The Timeline Components is a visual representation of all the activated content markers associated with the asset with frame accuracy. It gives you the ability to zoom in on the timeline, even down to an individual frame. The timeline also gives you a perfect overview of all activated audio and subtitle tracks as well as the time-based markers that highlight and distinguish portions of the video.

A desktop experience in the browser

The timeline component was developed with the idea to create a desktop-like-experience in the browser. Render with WebGL to support thousands of frame accurate markers, zoom smoothly into frame level detail and scrub along the timeline with instant user feedback.

Web based framework

Integrate into any modern web framework as its built with the latest web component standards


Adapt the components to your exact needs via the modular component design

Quick Install

Integrate with Accurate Player in minutes


Our VU-meter allows you to inspect the audio that is being played in real time without installing any non-standard software. Configure it exactly to your needs when it comes to audio levels, loudness warnings and visual appearance. Identify thresholds and levels for fast visual feedback of the audio signals.

Audio Scrubbing

Visualise audio while frame stepping powered by our AudioScrubPlugin


Configure with using built in settings

Quick Install

Integrate with Accurate Player in minutes

Selection tool

The selection tool was designed to solve a commonly requested problem within our own Poster application. Namely, how can I as a user create the perfect poster given our internal requirements in the browser? The selection tool assists the user by offering smart guidelines and features that are usually only found in advanced image editing software.

Aspect ratio

Select a region based on aspect ratios


Preview the final poster together with brand logotypes using overlays


Snapping to center & edges


Suppress black borders

Audio Routing

The Audio Routing component may be used to change the input to output audio channel mapping. It is useful for validating audio tracks, focusing on only parts of an audio track, or testing different speaker configurations for example.

Audio routing

The Audio Routing component may be used to change the input to output audio channel mapping.


Configure with using built in settings

Quick Install

Integrate with Accurate Player in minutes



Irdeto Control DRM

Nagra NexGuard


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