Accurate.Video Vidispine setup

This guide covers the installation instructions for Accurate Video on AWS EC2, running against a Vidispine system on the backend, and deployed using Docker Compose. Please note that the installation instructions for Vidispine are not covered by this guide.

AWS Vidispine installation.png

Launch an EC2 instance

Go to AWS EC2 and launch a new instance using the EC2 instance wizard.

For a detailed guide on how to launch an EC2 instance, please refer to the following guide:

  1. Choose the Linux distribution to use, in this guide Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS is used.
  2. Choose the desired instance type. For a POC/evaluation system, a t3.medium should be enough.
  3. It is recommended to increase the storage from 8 GB default to about 20 GB.
  4. In the security group section, make sure to add a rule for HTTP to allow inbound TCP port 80.

Install Vidispine

Install Vidispine on the server, or skip if already installed elsewhere. For this guide, it’s assumed that Vidispine is installed on the same EC2 instance as Accurate Video, but this is no requirement. Please refer to the Vidispine installation instructions found here:

Prerequisite: Install docker

Docker will be used to launch the Accurate Video containers. Please refer to its guide for installation instructions:

Prerequisite: Install docker-compose

Docker-compose is used to launch all Accurate Video containers at once. Please refer to the installation guide here:

Prerequisite: Install git

Unless the system comes with git pre-installed, make sure to install it before going further.

Clone Git repository

The git repository contains all the needed configuration files to start Accurate Video using Docker Compose.

git clone

You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter the supplied deploy token & password. The deploy token is a special access key which gives read-only access to this git repository and is only valid for a limited period of time.

Username for '': <username>

Password for 'https://<username>': <password>

Login to Codemill Docker registry

The Codemill Docker registry contains all the Docker containers specified in the Docker Compose configuration. You’ll need to first login or authenticate to the repository. Replace email and password with the given Docker registry credentials.

docker login -u <docker-username> -p <docker-password>

Pull Docker Compose

After authentication to the Codemill repository, the latest Docker containers need to be downloaded locally. Use the docker-compose pull command to retrieve the latest versions.

docker-compose -f vs-backend.yml -f frontend.yml pull

Set the license

Accurate Video needs a license key to function properly. This license key is typically given to you, and will need to be entered into the settings file. Edit the file config/settings-qc-vs.js

licenseKey: "XYZ",

Replace XYZ with your given license key.

Set Vidispine configuration

A few Vidispine variables need to be set according to the setup which is running. Edit the file vs-backend.yml using any editor.

Find the following rows:

# Vidispine credentials (may be blank if authorization forward is enabled)



Change these to match the Vidispine user/password combination you’d like to use for authentication against Vidispine.

Also, find the following row:

# This is the "public" base URL of Vidispine, i.e. the base URL from the clients (e.g. web browsers) perspective


This needs to be updated to the IP of the external machine that is running Vidispine. For example, if the IP of the machine is this should be The Vidispine API should then be available on

Install nginx

Nginx is a web server and will be used as a reverse proxy in front of both Accurate Video and Vidispine. Here you can see instructions on how to install it based on your Linux distribution:

Copy nginx config

The cloned Git repository contains a pre-made nginx configuration to work in front of both Accurate Video and Vidispine. You’ll need to copy this file into the nginx sites directory as follows:

sudo cp -f config/nginx-root-vs.conf /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

Restart nginx

Restart nginx to make the changes take effect.

sudo systemctl restart nginx

Start Accurate Video

It’s time to start up Accurate Video! Start the backend and frontend services by using Docker Compose, this command will launch all required containers in the background:

docker-compose -f vs-backend.yml -f frontend.yml up -d

You should now be able to access the system on the IP of the machine if you’ve done everything correctly. Opening the IP in a browser should give you access to Accurate Video, however, there’ll be no assets to see, unless they already exist in Vidispine.

Frontend configurations